Enough renewable energy to supply over 250,000 Alberta residences. 

News Release – February 19, 2016

On 12 February 2016, the federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change referred the Amisk Project to an independent review panel. The panel terms of reference, composition and review process are currently being defined  and will be made available for public comment at a later date.

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The Amisk Hydroelectric Project (Amisk) is a 330 MW run-of-river hydroelectric project proposed to be located on the Peace River approximately 15 km upstream of the Highway 2 Bridge at Dunvegan, Alberta. The project would generate approximately 1,875 GWh per year of electricity, which is enough to supply roughly 250,000 Alberta residences. The project would also displace approximately 1.2 million tonnes per year of CO2, which is equivalent to taking roughly 230,000 Alberta vehicles off the road. Amisk represents a cost-effective source of renewable electricity to replace a portion of the roughly 4,000 MW of coal-fired generation to be retired over the next 15 years in Alberta.

Importantly, it is also a source of baseload electricity which can be relied on at all times of the day similarly to coal-fired generation. Hydroelectric generation is the largest source of electricity in Canada, providing roughly 63% of electricity. The largest source of electricity in Alberta is coal-fired generation, which provided 68% of electricity to the Alberta Interconnected Electric System in 2014, compared to hydroelectric generation which provided only 3%. The Amisk project would increase hydroelectric generation in Alberta by roughly 76%.


Amisk is being developed by AHP Development Corporation on behalf of a number of partners including Concord Green Energy. Concord Green Energy has invested in several renewable energy projects across Canada and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Concord Pacific, a Vancouver-based company that is primarily involved in residential real estate development.

The principals of AHP Development Corporation have extensive experience in the power sector, including power project development. They originated the concept of the Amisk Project as they believe it’s a compelling option to address Alberta’s looming generation shortfall, while also displacing significant greenhouse gas emissions.


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